Ready Set Go! - Increasing Early Childhood Development Outcomes for Roma Children

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Project: “Ready Set Go!”- Increasing Early Childhood Development Outcomes for Roma Children

Funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 in the framework of the RO 25 Poverty Alleviation Programme in Romania, “Ready Set Go!” aims to increase early childhood development outcomes for Roma children.

Operating in 11 localities in six counties in Romania, “Ready Set Go!” reaches over 1000 children under age six and approximately 1000 parents who are participating in this initiative that aims to improve access to quality early childhood services for disadvantaged Roma children living in some of Romania’s most disadvantaged communities. The direct beneficiaries of the project are 560 children and their families, who will be involved in quality educational programs in order for the children to get the best of outcomes during primary school.

Through the project, there will be created and supported 14 new kindergarten places in 11 localities, where children will receive early childhood education services. The ”Ready Set Go!” project will start with an infrastructure-related component, consisting in renovating/refurbishing/extending the current kindergarten buildings. The project will be implemented on a period of 29 months, from December 2014 to April 2017.

Apart from offering education-related services to the children in the selected kindergartens, the project will focus also on additional educational programs, targeting the caregivers of the children in the kindergartens and the communities in which the kindergarten places function.

The ”Ready Set Go!” project will have a component of material support, to be offered to the families of the children who are enrolled in the kindergartens based on constant participation in the programs of the project.

The educational programs to be implemented during the project are:

  1. Kindergarten program for the children enrolled in the 14 new kindergarten places, to be constantly offered until the completion of the project;
  2. Toy Library – a space equipped with games, toys, and books, through wich all the children from the 11 localities can borrow and use educational materials;
  3. Your Story – a series of discussions through which the caregivers learn how to read stories to the children and learn how to support their educational development;
  4. Home School Community Liaisons – a program aimed at building trust in the educational processes through empowering the children’s families to become Educators and present a lesson to the children in the kindergartens;
  5. Community Motivation Events – a series of events organized with all the members of the community aimed at building trust and at empowering the members of the 11 localities of the project to support the educational development of all the children.

The project “Ready Set Go!”- Increasing Early Childhood Development Outcomes for Roma Children is implemented by Roma Education Fund (REF) Romania in partnership with 5 NGOs – Association Center for Education and Human Rights (CEDO), Divers Association, Association Justice and Brotherhood, Ruhama Foundation, and Roma Education Fund (REF) Hungary. The project will be implemented in 6 Counties – Bihor, Calarasi, Dambovita, Ialomita, Mures, and Salaj, where there will be established 14 new kindergarten places in 11 localities. Technical support for the project is provided by the World Bank Office in Romania. “Ready Set Go!” is implemented in conjunction with the authorization of Local Councils and City Halls, in addition to guidance from County School Inspectorates and the Ministry of Education.





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