Ready Set Go! - Increasing Early Childhood Development Outcomes for Roma Children

Course on “Inclusive Education and Intercultural Communication”

20151211_135437 20151210_113223“Every child should have equal opportunities to play, learn and develop according to her/his potential. “During 8-11 December 2015 it was organized in Bucharest a training session on the theme of Inclusive education destined to the staff involved in preschool education. The training session is part of the “Ready Set Go!’’ project that aims to increase early childhood development outcomes for Roma children, financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 in the framework of the RO 25 Poverty Alleviation Program in Romania. The participants at the training session were the educators and the mediators from the 11 project localities. During the training, the participants acquired skills in order to appropriately provide educational services for preschool children and gained knowledge on multiculturalism, identity, educational environment in the kindergarten (as a reflection of the cultural community of the children), crisis management and the relationship between the kindergarten representatives and the parents.

Also, during the training session, there were discussed the potential communication barriers between educators and parents, and there were exercised means on how to create the set-up of an intercultural kindergarten. At the end of the training session, the participants gained extensive knowledge on inclusive education, the distinctions between concepts such as culture-cultural identity, multicultural-intercultural, stereotype-prejudice and discriminatory behavior. The training modules taught at the training sessions are part of the updated version of the National Program for Early Education (PETI) of the Ministry of Education, adapted to the context of the project.